Lawn Care

At Peachtree, we understand your lawn obsession—and we want to help you in your quest to have the most beautiful yard on the block. Our landscaping services include:

  • Comprehensive Turf Care: We begin with a complete lawn analysis to determine turf type, soil pH, any problematic weeds and other turf pests or problems. We then draw up a customized turf treatment plan that includes an annual soil analysis and 12-round treatment platform at no additional cost.
  • Insect Management: Lawn pests are real nuisances that can cause unsightly damage to your yard. Fire ants, moles, voles, sod webworms, Japanese beetles—whatever lawn insect you’re dealing with, we have a treatment plan to eliminate the problem and restore your yard to pristine beauty.
  • Ornamental Services: Nothing gives your yard that truly polished look like healthy and well-maintained ornamentals. Our professionals can identify any underlying issues such as insects, diseases and soil deficiencies that may be affecting your trees and shrubs. We will then draw up a custom plan that may include foliar fertilization, deep root injections and soil treatments, depending on your lawn’s specific needs.
  • Aeration & Overseeding: When soil becomes too tightly packed, it restricts air and water from reaching your grass’ roots—which can lead to disease, pest infestation and a shallow root system. Deep core aeration can loosen hard, compacted soil and allow your lawn to flourish once again. Seasonal overseeding, which usually accompanies aeration as part of a comprehensive lawn care plan, is typically performed annually or semi-annually.

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