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New Year Resolutions from Peachtree Pest Control

January 2, 2015 - Add these New Year resolutions to your list.

  1. I resolve to not let dirty dishes go unwashed overnight (Many insect pests such as cockroaches will use these unwashed dishes and utensils as food sources which will allow the pest population to exist and grow).
  2. resolve to repair leaking water faucets immediately (Not only do leaking faucets waste water, but also allows water to be available to pests. Some ants are known to use these water sources especially during times of drought).
  3. I resolve to repair leaking pipes immediately (Water leaks can attract pests such as termites to a structure as well as allowing wood decaying organisms such as fungi to attack water damaged wood. Attack from these pests can seriously damage your home and other buildings).
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Commercial Services

Commercial environments are sensitive and require a tailored approach Click here to learn more about our award winning commercial solutions...

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Lawn Care

Behind every outstanding landscape is a team of service professionals with the tools and experience to help you become the envy of the neighborhood. At Peachtree, we understand your obsession.

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  • Marc Terry came to my home the other day to check my house for ants and what i thought was mice. I in fact had ants and RATS. I almost died on the spot. Mark assured me Peachtree would be able to help my family out...

    - Felt at ease
  • Termites were pouring out of our front door eating our house down! Peachtree fixed the issue for us fast and didn't charge us an arm and a leg. Shawn, the termite man was very friendly and really knew what he was doing...

    - Termites were eating our house down!
  • Even with unreasonable demands from a potential buyer, Peachtree Pest Control returned willingly and without additional cost to clean up from a crawlspace borate treatment, which was unnecessary. In the end, the house...

    - Great Customer Service
  • We have been using Peachtree for several years and had no complaints about them or the service. They have been by far the easiest to work with when it comes to scheduling service or with any issues or questions that might come up...

    - Great service, Wonderful Technician

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